Saving faith


Saving faith

Faith has three parts that include both the act and scope of believing. These three parts may be called ‘knowledge, belief and trust’; ‘awareness, assent and dedication’; ‘content, consent, commitment’.

Content is the first thing. Faith rests upon knowledge. This is why it is important to teach even to very young children the basic Bible truths. Faith without content is not true faith at all. Faith is only as good as the object of our faith. Faith in our own goodness or actions cannot save us. Faith in a preacher or a church counts nothing. The object of our true faith must be Christ. Only He can save. We must know that Christ is true man and true God. He has reconciled us to God, our merciful Father. Christ takes our sin and gives us His life and His righteousness.

Consent is the second element. Biblical content of faith is important, but it is possible to know this content and not have saving faith. Faith must touch an individual personally so he/she personally agrees with it. The knowledge and faith that were absorbed into the mind need to be poured into the heart. The Word of God is received by faith when it takes root in the depth of the heart.

Commitment is the third element. Commitment is the most important of all. Faith is not merely assent to truths; it is commitment to Christ and trust in Him daily. He is the strong Savior. Even a weak faith may take hold of Him and live.

Salvation is to believe and receive, know and act, be and do.

Lord, I want to know You with my mind, with my heart and follow You daily. Please help me have a saving faith!


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