What a comfort !!!

Image result for comfort in suffering

We may desire to be known deeply as only God truly can know us, but His gaze also penetrates through our pretenses. His eye strips us bare and reveals the truth. What a comfort to know that the One who sees all things loves people intensely! He commits Himself unconditionally to us and to our salvation Patiently and persistently, He pursues His purpose for us through His Holy Spirit. When Jesus reprimands us, He changes us. He may choose to use difficult circumstances, but He never causes needless pain. He redeemed us, and He graciously empowers us to live a new kind of life for His glory. His cross and resurrection guarantee His work in our lives.

Jesus knows His people perfectly and directs their lives toward love and perseverance in suffering.

Jesus sees your pain and gives strength to overcome today and throughout or lifetime.


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