OPEN LETTER to all ORGANIZATIONS FOR PROTECTING HUMAN & CHILDREN RIGHTS of the World that care about family welfare

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Protest Barnevernet pt fam Bodnariu 19 dec 2015

When I decided to run as a representative in the Romanian Parliament on behalf of the Romanian citizens living abroad, I could have never imagined that I would be confronted with such a story as that of Bodnariu family, which lost all five children because of an unjust law.

The children of the Bodnariu were taken away from their parents by the Norwegian barneverent (The Children Welfare Services) in an act of “legal” abduction.

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Even in the worst moments of Romania’s communist history, the Communist Party didn’t dare to interfere so terribly with the lives of its citizen’s children as this Norwegian organization did. The worst persecution didn’t go as far as to remove infants and children from their beloved parents. A story like this may have been heard of perhaps in the former Soviet Union in the 50’s or 60’s or more recently, in North Korea or…

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