BODNARIU Family PRESS RELEASE December 26, 2015

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Norway flag Return the children to Bodnariu Family

PRESS RELEASE December 26, 2015

Recent international press articles, those covering the Marius & Ruth Bodnariu case in Norway, contain certain misinterpreted and inaccurately documented information and events. This press release rectifies these misstatements and can be used as an informational starting point for future articles and broadcasts.
  • Purpose of the protests in Romania, Europa, and USA.
1.Protest against the abuses perpetrated by the Barnevernet

Marius & Ruth Bodnariu (“Parents”), together with their Romanian-Norwegian children (“Children”), have lived in Norway for the past 10 years. Their Children (Eliana 9, Naomi 7, Matthew 5, John 2, and Ezekiel 4 months) are also Romanian citizens. Marius has a Master’s degree in Computer Systems Engineering & Applied Informatics from the Polytechnic University of Bucharest and works in the Redal, Naustdal Hall as the IT lead responsible for the entire village School District; a school district covering 10 communities and 50…

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