Well, well, well! So, foster parents are not happy either!

One of the foremost journals in Norway, Aftenposten, had conducted interviews with Barnevernet officers and foster parents. While protecting their identity for very good reasons (Barnevernet has long hands, a sharp memory and lots of resources), the journalist describes how CPS works, as seen with the eyes of an insider.

I’m just giving you – in my own words – an idea about the content of the article.

First, even though I consider most of them as mercenaries of the system, I would grant some foster parents the ability to bond, relate to and care for a child. Complaining that many children are traumatized when placed in their care (really!), foster parents do not get additional help from Barnevernet (such as psychological evaluation and psychiatric help) but are left on their own to manage the situation. If things don’t go…

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