US Attorney Reveals New Details in Bodnariu Case

Delight in Truth

US attorney Peter Costea has access to some of the Bodnariu case documents and wrote in detail about the case.

Delight in Truth was pleaseantly surprised to find how much support the Bodnariu family has in their local community. Despite this support, Barnevernet still confiscated the kids! Read and be shocked!

“The written [court] ruling, however, also noted strong dissents.

First was the school master. She refused to cooperate with Barnevernet to indict the parents. The ruling noted that „the headmaster … doesn’t think the parents are doing something to physically harm children …” The headmaster was also „opposed to taking the children away when she felt this was not in their best interest. The headmaster was also [one of the girls’] teacher for four years and she lives in the family’s neighborhood. She also knows the family in private.”

To the Bodnariu family’s defense also came the local government, identified…

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