Jesus is and will be triumphant !!!

Praise of God is powerful !!!

God will use our praise to transform our thinking and reorder our affections. When we praise God, we proclaim the goodness of His acts, both great and small.

Are you discouraged because of genuinely hard and grievous things in your life? God does not ask you to pretend that what is evil or sad is good. Instead, ask Him to help you develop an attitude of praise in the midst of your difficulties.

The crucifixion of the sinless Son of God was evil, and our Lord Jesus Christ suffered greatly. Yet through it, God has brought wave upon wave of good that will continue throughout eternity. Jesus is and will be triumphant.

As we express to God our worship of His greatness, we will find strength and peace to represent Him to others with truth and faithfulness. As we praise Him, the truth of who He is will permeate our heart and mind.




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