Newspapers in Norway are reporting about the April 16 worldwide protests against Barnevernet

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Norwegian newspapers on protests against BarnevernetFoto via Spune Mihai Dragoman: Zana maseluta din Norvegia s-a trezit, in sfarsit! Dagebladet, al doilea ziar ca importanta din Norvegia scrie despre mega protestul din 16 aprilie! The second most important newspaper in Norway is reporting on the April 16 protests.

The LOCAL an Oslo newspaper in the english language writes about the protests on the eve of what may become the biggest worldwide protest against any one country in the world:

Global protests to condemn ‘legal kidnapping’ in Norway

Activists in nearly 30 countries plan to protest the Norwegian Child Welfare Service on Saturday for what they say is the agency’s practice of “kidnapping” children from their families.

After a wave of demonstrations over the past several months, the Norwegian Child Welfare Service (Barnevernet) will be the subject of a coordinated ‘day of action’ that could draw as many as 300,000 people, organizers told The Local.

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