God’s deliverance


God’s deliverance

Psalm 126:4a, “Lord, would You turn again our captivity?”

Are you in some kind of captivity? Do you need God’s deliverance?

When God’s children are set free from their bondage to sin and self and this world, there is a joy that is the fruit of that, there is the gladness and peace only God can give. 

Today we have so much in the Christian world. We have big conferences and big ministries and best-selling Christian books, and media ministries, but so what if our hearts are cold and hard; if our eyes are dry; if our lives are barren; if our worship is empty; if our homes are broken; if our churches lack the presence and power of God? We’ve got a lot of activity but not a whole lot of power. We need God’s presence and power, and that’s why the psalmist cries out, “Lord, would You turn again our captivity?”

When the psalmist prays for release from captivity, he’s implying not only that he recognizes he has a need, but there is an implied desire to be delivered from captivity.

I don’t want to stay in captivity. I want to be free. Do you have that desire? Do you really have the desire to walk in the fullness and the freedom of the Holy Spirit in your life, to live, not in the realm of the normal, Christian life where everybody else seems to live, but to live in the realm of the supernatural? Do you see the need for God and His freedom? Do you have the desire to be delivered? Do you pray for His freedom? How do you call upon His Name?

In Psalm 80:18, the psalmist cries out, “Give me life that I might call upon Thy name”. If we don’t experience life, if we don’t personally experience the presence and power of God in our life, then we won’t call upon His Name. Will you meditate on this?

O, Lord, we need Your deliverance!



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