The Land of the Free

We can think about spiritual birth as a right that we receive from the Lord, as a gift from God. We have to choose what to do with the wonderful gifts of God. We must choose to love and seek spiritual rights that are ours as children of God. The things we love and seek say a lot about us, our interests and pursuits. Do we care about our spiritual legacy?  Is God’s Word important to us or do we wonder sometimes, What use is it to read the Bible, if I am so busy? We need to make time for what is important. Maybe you are indifferent to the Word of God.

Many people do not have money to buy a Bible and many people do not know there is a book called, The Bible. Many believers who live in countries where Christians are persecuted are hiding for fear of the wicked when they read the Bible. And we, who live in the land of the free, who have all the rights, what do we choose!? Do we choose to sell our rights in exchange for vain and empty things? Do we value our right to have a Bible and to read it and carry it with us everywhere? How much do we appreciate what the Lord says is valuable? For what cheap things do we sell our rights won with Christ’s holy blood? How much attention do we pay to the holy things?

The struggle between the spiritual man and the natural man never ends. Which is the strongest? The one we feed. We must feed ourselves with the Word of the Lord. We have to know the way of the Lord. The Bible tells us that there is eternal life, and this is possible only through faith in the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. Only He can give us a new birth. Are you more interested in the practical things of the world that you despise the teaching of the Lord? Do you think that you will not make a profit if you walk in the way of the Lord?

Perhaps you were born into a Christian family. Maybe you are surrounded by people who honor God’s Word, read it daily and pray. This legacy is a treasure of great price. However, God’s desire is to preserve this legacy and we must pay the price to pass it on to others. If you don’t have this heritage, you can begin today to seek the Lord and He will transform your home; He will help you to leave a spiritual legacy behind. We live in freedom and worship in our churches without anyone to come after us to arrest us. We have many opportunities to read and hear the Word of God. We have Biblical messages on the internet, radio, television and a lot of fellowship groups. Let’s not live as Esau and despise the inheritance. Let’s not neglect the Church. We need to be committed to the work of the Lord, to which He has called us. We must know God, we must have hunger and thirst for righteousness.

We should not care much about our natural desires. Sensual desires and worldly pleasures can drown the desire for God and His will. Esau said something like this, earthly pleasures come first. Jesus said in the Gospel of Matthew, chapter 6:33,Seek ye first the kingdom of God and His righteousness.” Today, many people despise their spiritual rights. Our daily habits say something about our spiritual heritage. We need to pray to value our spiritual right. Let’s live every day in accordance with the purpose and the plan of God. We choose to live in gratitude for God’s gifts and enjoy the legacy that He is preparing for the faithful. We seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness because He promised to take care of us.

May God bless our Land, our Great America! May our people have forever freedom to worship God and do His work.

Leave behind a spiritual inheritance!


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