Follow Christ

Psalms 23, “The Lord is my Shepherd. He restores my soul.”

You ever feel like you’re just fine until you get around people who are really godly? And then you realize, “Oh, I’ve got a temper. I’ve got these rough edges. I’ve got these harsh parts. I’ve got this unclean mouth. I’m not like Jesus in so many ways.” There’s this tension in us as we realize how beautiful He is, how lovely and wonderful He is, but how dark we are in comparison.

It’s in His light that our darkness is revealed.

Following men or women of God is inferior to following the Lord Himself. I don’t want you to follow others. I want you to follow Christ. I don’t want you to follow your pastor. I want you to follow Christ.

I want to follow Christ. There are many men and women of God whose ministry of the Word ministers to my heart.  I like to hear some of those different messages, and I am blessed by them. But the real blessing is if they can get me to Christ.

Don’t expect your husband, your pastor, your friends, books about Christ, television, radio programs or podcasts about Christ— to meet needs that only Christ Himself can meet.

“The Lord is my Shepherd. He restores my soul.”

Do you need rest for your soul? Get to the feet of Jesus, get to His presence, let Him tend your heart. He is the one who refreshes, renews, restores, revives our hearts. This way we keep our hearts, we tend our hearts by abiding in Him, by being with Him, by following Him, day after day, year after year, till we will see Him face to face and be together for eternity.

Lord, help me follow You!