Procession of Camp

tabernacleNumbers 9:15-10:36

Procession of Camp

The cloud settles. The cloud guides.

The presence of God is manifested in the cloud as it guided the Israelites. The Israelites watched the cloud closely. They anticipated movement of the cloud. We have the Holy Spirit to guide us today. We should anticipate God’s movement in the person of the Holy Spirit within us.

Lord, I’m watching and I am going to follow You. I want You to point the way and I will follow even if it is inconvenient, if it is unexpected, if I don’t have all the details.

People centered on God need to watch and listen for God’s calling. The trumpets called the Israelites together.  Today it is not the trumpets calling us.  God speaks to us and calls us through His Word (Studying/reading the Bible, Hymns, Discussion Groups, Voices of other believers).

God wants His people to follow where He leads.

In order to know where God is leading me, I need to be centered on Him. Am I watching and listening? God gives me the opportunities to make Him the center of my life. How do I use those opportunities?

Lord, please help me to follow You every day!

Merry Christmas to my Glorious King!

I celebrate Jesus, my King and my Lord every day!

1 Corinthians 3:7 ,,Aşa că nici cel ce sădeşte, nici cel ce udă nu sunt nimic; ci Dumnezeu, care face să crească.”

,,So then neither is he that planteth any thing, neither he that watereth; but God that giveth the increase.”


Nobody, but God!

It’s all about HIM!


Lord, my God, the Word, Prayer and Faithfulness are very important to me.

I like to spend time with You, my glorious King. I enjoy telling You what it is in my heart not only at Christmas but every day, because I know You, my God, my King, are faithful to give ear to my prayers, answer to my questions and give me guidance for my work.

My King and my Lord, I am committed to:

The truth and authority of the Bible,

The power of the Cross of Christ to deliver me from sin and death,

The fullness of the Holy Spirit as I die to self,

The sufficiency of God’s love,

The abundance of God’s grace.

My King and my Lord, I know I need to remember every day:

Spreading the Bible is my mission,

Jesus Christ and His Gospel is my passion,

Reaching the next generation is my responsibility,

Supporting the church is my purpose,

Prayer is my approach,

Love, humility, unity and compassionate care for one another are not options

but they are God’s command and my calling.

I celebrate YOU, my Jesus, my King and my Lord, at Christmas!

You are my Christmas!

I celebrate YOU, my Jesus, my King and my Lord, everyday!