Purity of Camp


Numbers 5:1-9:14

Purity of Camp

There was sin and defilement because of our fallen world. This was part of the Israelite camp. If God was to dwell in the center of the community, the Israelites needed to know how to deal with sin:

– Unintentional sins (such as infectious diseases)

– Intentional sin which required restitution

– Unfaithfulness in families – adultery

If God is to be the center of life, we must know how to deal with sin.

God calls His people to deal with sin.

The initial step in dealing with sin is trusting in the substitutionary sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

Moses tells the people what is required if a person wants to devote himself to God for a period of time. These people are known as Nazarites.

Moses instructs Aaron and his sons on how they are to bless the Israelites.

God blesses and gives His grace and peace to those whose lives are centered on Him.

We see the offerings that are brought to the Levites to help them with their work. We see the same offerings offered by different people on different  days.  What is the significance of the repetition?  It means  it  is important. What point is God making? Through the repetition, there is careful recording of what each tribe brought as an offering(s) to God. This is not to say that each person should give the same thing. Rather, that no gift is insignificant when given out of love and for His work.

God values each gift given for His work.

One year ago, the Israelites were slaves to the Egyptians. Passover is a vivid picture of the Gospel. Those who trust in the blood of Jesus Christ are “passed over” by God. We do not have to endure the wrath of God and punishment for our sins

God wants His people to remember His Son’s sacrifice.

We are cautioned not to let Jesus’ sacrifice become “old”. We are to remember and celebrate it.