Romanian Senator Went For It: Religious Persecution in Bodnariu Case

Delight in Truth

Ben-Oni Ardelean officially dropped the bomb in the Bodnariu case!

In a very surprising but welcome move, the Senator said in a press conference after meeting with Norwegian authorities, that there is sufficient ground to consider violations of religious freedom in the case.  Delight in Truth welcomes the introduction of this element in the official discussion because it may form the basis of a new argument to release the children.

Ardelean alluded to details of the story released to thepress by the children’s uncle and these include:

  1. A theological discussion between the oldest child and the school teacher after the child sang a Christian song. The teacher asked a series of leading questions about God and faith to which the girl gave direct answers. This led to alledged discussion of punishment by God.
  2. The teacher reported to CPS (Barnevernet) the concern of religious indoctrination based on the…

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