Norwegian Media Can No Longer Ignore Barnevernet Abuse

Delight in Truth

ABC nyheter (Norwegian ABC news) is reporting something interesting in this article. Turns out that all is not well inside the Norwegian CPS called Barnevernet which 2 months ago unfairly confiscated the 5 Bodnariu children.

ABC news reports a day ago that Solveig Horne was well aware of Barnevernet abuses in 2013, just prior to her being promoted as minister of the department that oversees Barnevernet. In her discussion with a father who had his child traumatized by the CPS, Horne wrote:

“You are not alone to meet a child who does not [do well]… Now we are waiting in anticipation for what comes from the government, but we do not have high hopes. What we are experiencing is that no matter how many good laws we have, it seems as if CPS has its own laws [of/above] Norwegian law. It makes its assessments and checks this.”

This was said…

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