She Lost her Children Because of Homework

Delight in Truth

Steven Bennett brings us another tragedy from the Norwegian CPS. These victims now have the courage and the support to come out and tell their stories! Read and be shocked:


“Vibeke Vedvik had all four children confiscated after she asked Norway’s CPS, Barnevernet for help. The reason she approached ‘social care’ was because her child was struggling to finish his homework. I’ll say it again – she lost her children because ‘not enough homework was being done’.

It often starts like this in Norway, you ask for help and they take your children. They then draw out the court cases and after so many months of manipulating and coercing the children in care, they tell the parents that the children have now attached themselves to the new ‘foster carers’.

It’s a sick, sick business in need of a remedy.

Vibeke loves her children so very much and is a…

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