Similar to BODNARIU: Judge in Norway Rules Against “Leading Questions”

Delight in Truth

A fascinating article was just published in the Norwegian press. A woman had her 4 kids confiscated and then sentenced to jail for “violence” against the children. What was the offense? Giving the children pats on their bottom, grabbing them by the arm and embracing their body and neck to arouse their attention.

As a result the kids were taken and the mother sentenced to jail time.

Fast forward to present. The criminal case was appealed and the conviction was reversed due to lack of evidence against the mother!


This is a key question because the same method was used against the Bodnariu family!

It turns out that the appeals judge noticed serious issues with how the children were interviewed! The new judge realized that the answers the kids were giving under pressure were contradictory and the children were not sure about what…

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