Restore, Renew, and Revive your heart

Restore, renew, and revive your heart

Lord, I am empty, and I pray You to fill me with Your presence. You delivered me from bondage to the evil one, and You made me Your joyful bond slave. I was not seeking You, but You sought me. You are the fount of every blessing, You are the Bread for my hungry soul. You are the Living Water that satisfies my thirst. You are strength for my weakness.

Lord, You are my Good Shepherd; the Great Shepherd; the Chief Shepherd—You lead, protect, and provide for all my needs. You are the radiance of God’s glory, yet You took on human form to rescue sinners from God’s wrath.

I believe You are fully God and fully man. I thank You for being the sacrificial Lamb of God that takes away the sin of the world; that You laid down Your life so that we might have eternal life. You are  sinless; without spot; blameless, yet You took all my sin and my blame and bore the full penalty of the Father’s wrath against my sin.

Your words are truth; they are pure.

Jesus, You are a merciful High Priest— my Advocate; my Intercessor. You are gracious and kind and good. You are my defense against the attacks and the accusations of the evil one. You are my peace; my eternal hope; my joy; my sustainer, my satisfier, my satisfaction, my strength.

Jesus, You are my King, my Beloved Bridegroom.

My eyes weren’t on myself at all. My heart is filled with thoughts of Christ.

Lord God, please let me see how You will restore, renew, and revive my heart today, as I take time to praise You.


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