I am thankful today

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Lord, precious Lord, I am so thankful. Thank You for meeting my needs. Thank You for the little things that You’ve given today that I didn’t even stop to ask You for or thank You for.

Our Heavenly Father, You are a good Father, and we’re so grateful for the beautiful nature, for the house we have, the roof over our head, the bed we slept in last night, the pillow that we have under our head, the air conditioning or the heat as the case may be, the climate control—just the comfort the conveniences, the furniture, the food, the automobiles we drive in, the contact lenses and eye glasses and hearing aids—just provision that’s on every front that You give to us in different seasons of life.

Thank You, Lord, for salvation, for peace, for health, for protection, for forgiveness, for friends, for church, for our country, and for safety. You have met our needs so abundantly, and we want to remember You and say thank You, Lord.

Thank You, Father. Thank You, Jesus, amen.


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