Who is Jesus ???

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Today, as always, this question confronts those who encounter Jesus. Who is He? He consistently acted with compassion and offered forgiveness to sinners. He speaks with God’s authority. The Gospel record of Jesus Christ affirms He claimed to be from God, and He is God. This is the central truth of Christianity, along with the truth that Jesus came to die in the place of sinners so they could live forever with God, beginning now. Whatever we need – help, guidance, change, reassurance, forgiveness –  life begins with belief in Jesus Christ, who is God the Son. In Him alone is security, freedom, meaning, peace, joy, and increasing light for life.

Do you believe in Jesus?

Do you sense His freedom?

He came to the earth in humility as a man, to save those who believe. Will you trust Him today as you never have before?

Jesus is my Savior and Lord. I celebrate Him every day!

Image result for jesus birthday


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