I pray

Lord, God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the God of my fathers and my God, with joy and thanksgiving I worship You because You blessed me beyond my expectations. I thank You for talking to me. You’re with me and You continue to bless me. You showed Your mercy to me, You protected me, You saved me, You defended me, You encouraged me, You raised me up, You took care of me all the days of my life, You delivered me from evil, You showed me Your kindness, Your love, Your faithfulness, Your majesty.

Thank You for revealing Your will to me. You speak to me through your Word, You teach me how to pray and how to rejoice in worship and ministry. I want to be obedient and humble, to live by faith, to the end of my life when You will give me the crown which never withers, the crown of a winner.

I wish to leave a legacy of faith to those who come after me: a life of love, faith and obedience to You. You have grace for me every day. You fill my life with peace and meaning, for my heart is surrendered to You. You help me not to be afraid of famine and evil, for You are with me and You teach me to enjoy my relationship with You. You speak to me in times of crisis and I remember Your promises. I praise You because You never abandon me. I am Your child! I am glad to be in Your care!

Lord, You are with me always to bless me!

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