True wealth

Genesis 25:1-18

Genesis 25:8, “Then Abraham gave up the ghost, and died in a good old age, an old man, and full of years; and was gathered to his people.”

1 Chronicles 29:28, “And he (David) died in a good old age, full of days, riches, and honor.”

What did God say about the death of Abraham and David? What do you want God to say about your death? Do you want to die rich? Do you want to die full of wealth?

David and Abraham died full of wealth. They both had gold and silver. David wanted to build the temple for God. God said not to build a temple for Him, but to be a temple for Him. We do not need big buildings (temples), but holy bodies, which are temples for the Holy Spirit. Although Abraham and David had gold and silver, their wealth consisted of something else: faith, family, freedom, fruit, God’s grace and His appreciation and favor.

Faith is the most precious thing. David and Abraham had faith. We see this in Scripture. And I am rich too, because I have faith.

Family is a precious thing. Abraham and David loved their families. They suffered for their families, but their attention was not on the bad things that had been done, but on what God has done. And I am rich too, because I have a family. I can say that I would not give my family for an entire city. I’m not ashamed of my family, even though we have problems. Every family has problems small or large. Let us not be ashamed, but confess our sins and move on. David’s confession of sin remained written for those who read the Bible (Psalms 51). Even the fall of David is a great blessing for us, because it teaches us what to do when we fall. What a great blessing it is to work with my family! I am staying in my family and I don’t run away when the devil urges me to leave my family. Im rich because I have nieces and nephews. Maybe you say that you do not have family; but you have a church. It can be your family. I‘m rich because I have a church. I am staying in my church and I don’t run away when the devil urges me to leave my church. If God gave you a family, a church, the Holy Spirit as Comforter, friends in the church, health and so on, how do you thank God for the wealth you have? How thankful are you for your friendship with Jesus Christ? What a wonderful friend and brother we have in Christ!

Freedom is wealth. God has made ​​us free through faith in Christ. The truth sets us free. I‘m rich because I’ve got the freedom of Christ.

The fruit that we bear is wealth. Abraham has left us a legacy. His faith is described in Scripture and we are exhorted to have faith as Abraham had. Through him, we are blessed. David bore fruit in his writings. What a wonderful fruit we have in Psalms 23! We want to see others saved by faith. We’re happy to help, to encourage, to bless. It’s hard work. We pray for all of our family, neighbors, colleagues, and people around us to be saved. Lord, make me rich in good deeds and prayer.

The grace of God is wealth. Abraham and David were appreciated by God. They asked for forgiveness for their sins and received forgiveness. We live in God’s grace. He is good and wants us to do well. Any parent has grace towards his/her  children. Our Heavenly Father blesses us with His grace, His appreciation. We are glad to be so blessed. God blessed me in many ways. I’m so rich. I am blessed beyond measure. He gave me more than I dreamed and thought. He gave me things that I do not deserve. 

May your heart be filled with the true wealth!


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