My love is frost and cold

“My love is frost and cold, ice and snow; let His love warm me.” (devotionals, The Valley of Vision)

Oh, Lord, I confess that my love for You, my love for others, is way too often frosty and cold, ice and snow. And so I pray, Lord, that Your love would warm my heart. May Your love warm my heart that I would be filled and used by You to warm other hearts that are ice cold and desperately in need to experience Your love.

When we’re growing in our love for Jesus, then we’re going to have the capacity to grow in our love for others.

Lord, would you show me Your love? Help me to believe it, to receive it, to experience it. Show me Your love. Would you deepen my love for You? Let me love You back, as You are worthy of being loved.

Lord, may I have grace to love You more than I do today. Then, may Your love be channeled and flow through me that I may bear much fruit for Your glory. I pray in Jesus’ name, amen.




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