Wings of the Wind

Caspian Caspian
They have done it again. They have stolen another child from its mother. The organization in Norway which is supposed to provide assistance to children in need, is once again responsible for harm. GREAT HARM!!! It seems the mother was at the hairdresser, the child was in good hands, and they knew it. This gave them the opportunity to give “help” to another good mother by taking her child. I hope the world is as OUTRAGED as I.

You see, I know of this child. This is personal. It is the same child that was featured in a account I posted only days ago. You may have read it. If you didn’t, I suggest you go back and read it after you read this very alarming information sent to me by my facebook friend:

This is Caspian, six months old, sleeping peacefully. This photo was taken today at 1.58pm…

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