In God we trust

  • We need to pray:
  • Against any deception.  Let’s pray now that the results of the election be certified and that God’s choice be established and secured.  May the Lord remove any challenges and protect us in this transition time.  (Whether your preferred candidate won or lost, know that God heard our prayers!  In God We Trust!)
  • For President-elect Donald Trump.  Ask God to give him the wisdom, courage, and grace that he needs to make godly decisions.  May Jesus work through him in a mighty way to lead America back to Him.
  • For Vice President-elect Mike Pence.  Pray that the Lord will use him to give godly counsel to the President-elect, and that his leadership on the transition team will bring other wise and godly people into the cabinet and other key positions.
  • For outgoing President Barack Obama.  Ask that God bless him and guide his steps throughout his final weeks in office, and that the transition would run smoothly and seamlessly.
  • For America as a whole.  Ask God to bring about the reconciliation and healing our nation needs after such a polarizing election.  Pray for unity and a peaceful transition of power — that America would truly be “one nation under God.”

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