Blessed are you!

Matthew 5:1-12

Matthew 5:11a, “Blessed are you!”

We are so blessed! We are Jesus’ disciples. Jesus Christ taught His disciples how to follow the path that is pleasing to the Father. You teach your child how to follow the way of the Lord and how to be follower of Christ, by your example.

Followers of Jesus Christ impact the world if the character of Christ is seen in their lives.

What is the attitude of the heart, which all who say they are followers of Christ must have? What is Jesus saying? What do people say? What do Christian parents say?

In Matthew 5:1-12, Jesus Christ gives us eight attitudes of the heart which His followers must have. These attitudes are contrary to what people say. Jesus tells us to have Him in the center of our lives, to give up selfishness, and to obey His will; while the world promotes pride, struggle for power, prestige and popularity by any means, seeking what is easy and convenient, painless, and if possible, effortless. The promises of the world lead to disappointment. All children are more exposed to the world then to the Word.

You can now help a child understand the right heart attitude shown by Jesus in Matthew 5. These attitudes will lead to happiness and blessing. How do we combat the thinking of the world? If we find and understand the emptiness of the advice of the world about happiness, only then we will appreciate the real true advice and blessing that Jesus gives to those who believe and obey Him!


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