Talents and gifts


Talent is a gift and we are accountable in its proper use to maximize its value. This reminded me of Jesus’s Parable of Talents wherein the master was happy with the first two servants as they had doubled or maximized the value of their talents. They were praised and honored by the master. The third servant was branded as lazy and unfaithful and had to face the consequences for hiding the coins and not put them to use. So let’s use our talents and not bury them!

Talent is never enough. It’s what we do with it that matters. The challenge is deciding which talents we will invest in because we only have so much time and energy. I ask myself, what’s the most beneficial to myself and others? What can I do best and more of to make a difference? What do I find most rewarding? Developing talents is an investment and using them is an important part of our stewardship.

When facing the challenge of leading yourself, ask the questions: Do I know my GOD given talent(s) and am I using it/them to it’s/their full potential? Am I being effective with what GOD has given me?

A talent is best maximized when used for helping those who need it. As they appreciate it, they would appreciate you, and in turn enable your talent to increase, so as to help many more people.



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